AS One Source

Tech-force as-a-Service

Real-time decision-making & customer reporting for local and national roll out projects

Deliver-ability of predictive, standard installation and integration

Improved task, project management & faster project velocity with control at lower cost!



AS One Source eCore = Techforce as-a-Service

1- Project management

  • Connecting field deployment to Office project management in real-time.

  • Manage installation and deployment by scripted step by step process. Virtually being onsite supporting field staff from a centralized location.

  • Completing projects on 1st visit or deployment

2- Field installation teams

  • Technicians use eCore mobile tools to keep customers updated about service matters

  • Enable remote collaboration with flexible installation and iteration models

  • Improve Technical staff productivity

  • Resolve installation issues in real-time and faster

  • Create intelligent workspaces that promote creativity, innovation and collaboration amount installation management , staff and client project team

AS One Source = Techforce as-a-Service

3- Clients management - Create a Value-Driven Partnership with Customers

  • Deliver standard project installation and deployment for individual or nation technology roll out projects.

  • Reduce client management time and change management through real time engagement.

  • Increase efficiency and reduce cost .

  • Increase project velocity due to having all parties working on the same time and same projects. Having flexibility to address changes in real time.

  • Ability to transfer project SOW and Roll out documentation to secure Intranet web applications ( Text, picture , video , forms, slides...etc. ) for live national project sharing and access control.

  • Ability to generate project specific custom web and mobile enable installation script or scripts for multi phase projects.

  • Cloud enable secure storage for all documentation , installation results, pictures, video, thus securing corporate asset ( information and hardware ) data base

  • Ability to access installation information for future services and support

  • Control deployment 360, project budget and time table

  • Ability to run multiple projects or roll out projects

  • API with Google maps, Google Gmail, Google Form, Google Drive, Google Calendar. Google Drive, Google Photos, Google slides and more

  • Eliminate the need installation manual and its change control

  • Enterprise national roll out module

  • Manufacturer national roll out module

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