TaaS IS NOT The Traditional Financing 

Transform your tech infrastructure with TaaS: top-tier solutions, zero ownership hassles, and significant tax benefits.

What is 

TaaS is a payment program that allows you to bundle your technology hardware equipment and the valuable multiyear support and maintenance services needed, all for one convenient monthly subscription payment. This approach provides exclusive protection, flexibility, and control needed to operate efficiently, be agile in the marketplace, and stay competitive. It is not a dressed-up lease, but a real technology-as-a-service program that helps you stay at the forefront of technology and provides greater flexibility to easily upgrade and scale.

Difference between TaaS and Traditional Financing:

The main difference between TaaS and traditional financing is the ownership of the technology. In traditional financing, you purchase the technology and own it, whereas in TaaS, you subscribe to a service that provides the technology you need without the need for ownership. This means that with TaaS, you can easily upgrade or scale your technology as needed, without the financial challenges associated with purchasing new solutions.

Benefits of TAAS

Upgrade and scale your technology effortlessly with TaaS, ensuring you're always ahead of the curve.

How TaaS Works

TaaS works by bundling the hardware equipment and support services into one all-inclusive monthly subscription payment for 36 or 60 months. This includes the hardware equipment and support services to ensure your solution is serving you optimally. The exclusive features of Innova's AsOneSource 's TaaS include the Solution Replacement Guarantee, Act of God Coverage, and Multiyear Support Services.

Advantages of TaaS

The tax advantages of TaaS are significant. When you purchase technology equipment, you need to add it to the assets under your normal business insurance coverage. In the event of damage due to an act of God, your insurance will cover the damage, but there is almost always a deductible. With TaaS, the Act of God coverage can help reimburse your insurance deductible expense up to a maximum of $5,000 per contract term.

Tax Advantages of Technology-as-a-Service (TaaS):

The Solution Replacement Guarantee

The Solution Replacement Guarantee (SRG) offered by Innova's AsOneSource  in their Technology as a Service (TaaS) program provides customers with a significant degree of flexibility and control to address their changing technology needs without financial penalty. Here's how it works:

Implement unparalleled flexibility and control over your tech solutions, all while preserving vital cash flow with TaaS.

TaaS Examples 

 TaaS in Action: