Maximize Your Client's Satisfaction with Innova's AsOneSource

In today's competitive landscape, as a manufacturer of information technology networking and security hardware, you need a reliable partner that can help your clients not only access top-notch products but also receive comprehensive deployment and support services. That's where Innova's AsOneSource comes in. Our national deployment services empower you to extend your reach and make a lasting impact on your clients.

Nationwide Provider of Workplace Technology Solutions

Shortening the Sales Cycle

Our offerings, including free site surveys, demo installations, and more, will significantly shorten the sales cycle, giving your sales reps more time to focus on building relationships and closing deals.

National Roll Out Projects Economies of Scale 

Embrace the benefits of economies of scale with AsOneSource's  National roll-out  project capabilities. As production costs per unit decline with the increase in output, manufacturers can enjoy lower margins per project while still benefiting from the cumulative profit of multiple sites. For example, a project with 100 sites, each generating $5,000 in revenue, would result in a total of $500,000 – a figure that is nearly impossible to achieve with local projects.

Multi-site Projects for Higher Margins

Leverage the power of AsOneSource's national technology rollout capabilities to take on multi-site projects that offer higher margins compared to local projects. Our nationwide integrator services provide the flexibility and resources needed to successfully manage and execute large national projects, giving manufacturers the confidence to say yes to lucrative opportunities.

Dedicated Account Management - Additional sales support


A dedicated account manager ensures that the client's needs are met, providing a seamless experience that will reflect positively on your brand and make it easier for sales reps to maintain client relationships. This also reduces manufacture account representative throughout the sales cycle 

Bundling and Special Financing

Bundling hardware with services, licenses, and contracts, along with competitive financing options, provides a comprehensive solution that is attractive to clients and easy for sales reps to sell.

Building Relationships, Not Just Projects

Happy clients always come back again and again. Our focus on relationship building aligns with the goal of a Channel Account Manager to foster long term partnerships with clients, ultimately benefiting both the manufacturer and the client.

Innova as Your One Source for National Technology Deployment

Innova acts as a single source for clients, providing a national technology technical team, "As One Force," consisting of over 7,000 trained, experienced, licensed, and insured personnel. 

This team is equipped with safety training and practices, and managed with Innova's suite of apps and ERP system, ensuring agility and responsiveness to client needs.

Financing (TaaS)

Financing options like TaaS can be a game changer for clients with budget constraints, making it easier for your sales reps to close deals.

Comprehensive Offerings and Services

As a Channel Account Manager, having a suite of services from installation to maintenance at your disposal will significantly ease the sales process, ensuring that your clients receive all the support they need.

Expert Installation and Maintenance

The expertise of our installation and maintenance team guarantees that your products are deployed efficiently and effectively, enhancing client satisfaction and reducing post sales support queries.

Global And National Deployment Services

Our national deployment services ensure that your products can be installed and supported across the country, providing a significant advantage when dealing with clients who have nationwide operations.

Local Expertise Meets Global Excellence

Our local experts, combined with global standards, ensure that every project is optimized for the specific needs of the region, providing a unique selling proposition for your sales reps.

Unparalleled Client Advantages

Leverage these client advantages to showcase the value proposition of your products, ultimately making it easier to close deals and foster long term relationships.

Cutting Edge Security Deployment

Security is a top concern for clients. Highlighting our cutting edge security deployment will give you a competitive edge and instill confidence in potential clients.

No Need for Manufacturers to Engage with Deployment Complexity and Project Contractual Legality

Compliance Made Easy

Ensuring compliance can be a hassle for clients. Our local technicians' knowledge of regional regulations will streamline the process, making your products more attractive to potential clients.

Branding: Representing Your Brand Nationwide At AsOneSource 

We take pride in representing your brand as if it were our own. Our technical staff introduces themselves as authorized and trained manufacturer representatives, ensuring that your clients know they are in good hands. In cases where the manufacturer prefers, our team can also present themselves as direct installers nationwide, seamlessly integrating with your brand image.

Smart Hands Services 

Local Expertise for Nationwide Projects Empower your sales reps to confidently say yes to any size project nationwide with AsOneSource's Smart Hand Services. 

Our local technicians and engineers, also known as "Smart Hands," are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide comprehensive installation and support services. From site surveys and quality assurance to equipment installation and cable management, our Smart Hands have you covered. We are your Smart Hands in the last three feet, ensuring that the equipment is installed and functioning perfectly, from snips (cable cutters) to laptops with console cable.

By partnering with Innova's AsOneSource, you can provide your clients with a comprehensive solution that meets all their needs. Our national deployment services, combined with our expert installation and maintenance, ensure that your products are delivered and supported across the country, providing your clients with the peace of mind they need.

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