Local technology installation & roll-out services through our global presence.

Cut down cost and discover the best balance between what worked before and what needs to happen to succeed in the new normal!

New Builds/ Remodels

National Roll Outs

24/7 Support

Technology Integration

Our Four Steps Plan To Build Your Project Success

As One Source Accelerates You Ahead Of The Digital Disruption Curve

Smart Tech Enabled Workplace Technology

AI Camera & Access control systems

Communications & Phone Cloud Systems

Fats Network Cat6, Fiber Optic Cabling

On-Demand 24x7 Services to Help You Grow, Assure Scalability & Security

Data Center Installation, Relocation & Demo

National Technology Installation Rollout & Deployment

National Expert Sourced Installation Team

Disinfection Solutions Delivery Technology

Local And National Technology Deployment.

Business Process Acceleration & Progress Through New AI Technology

Voice, Data & Wireless

AV & Digital Signage

Point of Sale & Kiosks

IoT & Traffic Counting

Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of high intentions, sincere efforts, intelligent directions and skillful execution. It represents the wise choice of many alternatives, the Locals.Best Team is continually devoted to Quality.

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Your New Work Place Technology, Solutions & Partners Road Map!

Touch free technology

New hybrid office

Reopening technology

WFH technology

Why IT Deployment with As One Source?

As-One-Source network of hundreds of experienced, licensed & trained installers worldwide, our technology platform offers quality assured Expert Sourcing at an unprecedented scale.


Access to thousands of expert technology deployment

installers in real-time, when and where you need them.

Expert on demand.


Experienced and talented local resources, guarantee experience, quality, and proven results. Pre-screened and certified local experts.


Every service event is fully insured and backed by AOS total satisfaction guarantee. Reduce risk and complexity.

Single source accountability

Single point of contact for your nationwide requirements and projects. You ask, we say Done!


Up to 60% cost savings vs. traditional sub contracting:

OnDemand workforce elasticity to match your business goals.


Local installation and maintenance , near "instant" turnaround

as compared to traditional methods. 24x7 response


Continuous Availability 24/7/365 worldwide. Off-hour emergency services available. Around the block or around the world

Daily online reporting

A communication platform that helps you to see daily project progress report. Connecting the field to the office.


No project too large or too small. We are your on demand IT work force. Strength in numbers get the work done efficiently and fast.

Free Quotes

Receive up to three competitive quotes, Free !


Find and book trustworthy local services at your convince.

Expert Advice

Wisdom of the CrowdExpert. Ask your question from the largest IT infrastructure & system deployment expert crowd. You'll be amazed! Because Experience matters !

Local expert on demand work force

We are local and on demand with the knowledge of the terrain. You Do Not pay for the bench time. Get reliable, accountable and available resources when needed.

Go Green

Support Your Local IT expert community while protecting the environment and support your local economy.Minimize travel time.


ExpertSourcing is the next evolution of business process outsourcing and subcontracting A New Paradigm!

Our Four Steps Plan To Build Your Project Success

Contact Us And Speak With an Expert

Get Free And Fast Site Survey and Professional Quote

We Guarantee or delivery and installation

We Are Local- 24x7 support and maintenance

As One Source, Your Single Source For All Your Installations Need.

Save time, Save Resources & Save Cost!


From conception, design to completion, AsOneSource is prepared to assist at any point in your technology's life-cycle.

  • Design-Bid & Design-Build

  • Design Assist

  • RFP

  • Surveying

  • Support Agreements

  • Deployments & Rollouts

  • Design Built

  • 24x7 support & Maintenance

  • Rapid Response teams


Simplify projects by state of art ERP, connecting the field to the office, combining scopes a& using a single technology provider.

  • Structured Cabling

  • Workplace Reconfiguration

  • Access Control & Surveillance

  • Touch-less & Distancing technology

  • Audio Visual, Digital signage

  • Sound, Paging & Mass Notification

  • Wireless Networks, Cradlepoint

  • DAS, 5G, IoT, and More!

  • Data Center moves, adds and changes

  • POS & Scanners

  • Work From Home Technology

  • Location sensing and IOT

  • Rack and Stack


As One Source has 35 year field experience in a variety of spaces and industries, and our national & global teams are ready to engage.

  • Corporate Office

  • Healthcare

  • Hospitality

  • Industrial & Manufacturing

  • Retail

  • VARs

  • Commercial/Industrial Institutions

  • Property Managers

  • Architects

  • Contractors

  • Consultants



Expert sourcing is the act of outsourcing activities to networked Experts . In new normal " Business Process Expert Sourcing" , is an alternative to "Business Process Outsourcing or contracting " where crowd expert activities are coordinated, work force contributions not wasted and final result is guaranteed. Through research and test trail, we can show how to transform canonical business processes in expert sourced business processes where Web 2.0, social networks, ERP and business process management are combined to deploy business critical process to the Internet, getting the higher quality and control as traditional outsourcing or contracting approaches with conventional workforce.,