As-One-Source portal is always fee to use . You have a choice to select , work and pay expert local installer and deployment company directly . Or have a choice to select and experienced  As-One-Source project team member  to  deliverable manage your project  ( I.e multi-technologies and / or , multi -sites )  using As-One-source local expert memebrs for you and have option to have a single source of contact and accountability. 

Who uses As-One-Source ?

Local or Regional  Business:

Businesses of all Industrial areas ( i.e Financial Services, Healthcare, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Retail , Telecommunication, Transportation, Restaurant/Food Service, etc.) are expanding, maintaining  and modernizing their operations.  These upgrades and new implementations are initiated through service calls, phased upgrades or large rollout projects in facilities locally, national or globally through the business enterprise. 

These organizations are leveraging the Expert Resources of As One Source to maintain local offices, branches or stores/service centers, while expanding into new and larger geographic areas and potential markets. The Larger Enterprises leverages As One Source to secure a more cohesive integration into the national service infrastructure and marketplace expansion . They use As One Source experts and professionals from across the country and around the world on "As Needed" basis. leveraging the "scalable and elastic resource Expert to meet the variable demands of the enterprise with a "local expert" and  its own local advantages.

Local SMBs :

Small business, that have been "burned" by the "hunt and guess" process to select expert resources, can not afford to use that process any more.  The old, unsure and traditional methods ( search or service list ) to get service pricing and quotes from local IT experts in relatively short time is not workable with the wide array of issues and the right expert worries.  With  As One Source , you describe the need, review credentials skills certifications and multiple quotes, make a selection to complete the work, and pay them directly thus controlling and lowering  the cost.

Local or regional IT Service providers and consultants : 

Service providers expanding or modernizing locally, nationally or globally are leveraging As One Source  to expand into larger geographic areas, new markets or larger opportunities to grow and expand their Business. As One Source has the "On-Demand" resources, to support and supplement your core business staff,  to build a more cohesive integration effort into the marketplace, supporting the target market efforts of the wise business leader. The window of opportunity to secure new marketshare, requires an Agile and flexible effort facilitate an on demand and right slkills targeted effort.  The astute business leader can be empowered by the As One Source  Expert Business Model, web 2.0 cloud base platform powered by Google and the certified and credentialed professionals from across the country, and around the world.

Local or regional IT or IT related hardware manufacturing and distributor companies:

Hardware manufacturers and distribution companies ( I.e router , switches, Wireless AP, medical equipment , x-ray systems, hardware and software...etc. ) are continuously "Right-Sizing" and expanding locally, nationally or globally by collaborating with As One Source to expand into larger geographic areas and have more cohesive integration into the national service expansion efforts of the dynamic markets they serve. They are empowered by As One Source Expert business model, the web 2.0 cloud base platform powered by Google and the certified and credentialed professionals from across the country, and around the world.

Independent consultants and developers :

Developers, Contract Implementors and Technology Consultants working for local or regional Businesses today, are always seeking opportunities to expand into a larger geographic areas, new markets or leverage evolving technology skills. Collaboration with As One Source affords the entrepreneur to offer a cohesive integration of Expert Resources into the Marketplace for facilitates upgrades, special expertise projects and national service expansion roll-outs. By using As One Source Professionals and Experts from across the country and around the world the business can unite as Virtual Enterprise, leveraging the paradigm of "We is smarter than Me"

Corporate with IT roll-out projects :

Equipment leasing companies, retailers, event promoters requiring fast and quick IT facilities deployment and de-commissioning across the country or around the world will find the "scallable expert resources" of As One Source. We offer single solution installation and deployment of wiring, desktop technology, routers, switches, wireless access points, audio, video, display systems, related equipment, software and Expert services .

Client types:

  • Commercial/Industrial Institutional
  • Property Managers
  • Architects
  • Contractors
  • Consultants
  • VARs

Why use As-One-Source?

You are a good candidate if  your answer is" yes " to all or some of the following questions:

  • Do you have concerns that your  IT installer and deployment  contractor or  subcontractors  don't work as hard as they should for you?
  • Do you like to evaluate two to three Free project estimates, and have options to choose from? 
  • Do you spend a significant amount of time sourcing, verifying and pre-screening candidates rather than developing new business or managing current work load? 
  • Do you have the need to build a pipeline of qualified IT installers and deployment expert candidates based on a particular skillset profile?
  • Do you want to get the best quality, fastest and first, for lower price and value?
  • Do you like to have your project questions, issues and alternatives proposed and reviewed by as many as 1, 000 IT experts,  Free of cost? 
  • Do you have local  or national  IT installation  and deployment  Roll- outs requiring project planning and cost estimate proposal Free ?
  • Would like to have collective knowledge of  more than 3000 IT  local  expert installers in your finger tips.
  • Do you have an upcoming  office relocation or move ?
If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, then you  should contact us.  We are confident that As One Source can help your organization extract maximum value from your  IT installers, implementors, deployment and support resources.

As-One-Source  system and its network Ecosystem ( As-One-Force ) is design to  grow and  sharpen itself as it cuts.

As-One-Source Coverage 

As-One-Source Core Benefits 


Customer project management team benefits 

1. Access to local expert installers and their loaded truck 24X7 without manage service contract or minimum hourly rate.

2. Centralized single-tier process structure

3. Bypassing project brokers, resellers, outsourcing companies and going to the expert installers directly.  Access collective knowledge and 
    service through  business As One Source, social media engine or community manager.

4. Access to As One Source engineers, RCDD and thought leaders to make the best decision or develop the best design and approach.  
    The Power of  collective intelligence and Expert Sourcing.

5. Reduce the chance of losing control of the outsourced process.

6. Reduce costs of transitioning to a new or dealing with multiple regional vvendors.

7. Reduce legal and contractual costs.

8. Reduce chance losing control of the outsourced process.

9. Reduce cost of vendor training.

10. Reduce costs of monitoring vendors.

11. WEB 2.0 knowledge base and real time project documentation system, with 24 X7 access of single view global project management  

12. Reduce R/D, deployment and installation cost.

13. Live and real-time project control, management and execution.

14. Access to project fixed pricing, project unit pricing or Structured Pricing Menu .

Customer's Organization Benefits 

1.  Reducing Cost, Increasing Quality, Accelerating Deployment and Greener installation.

2.  Power of  collective action: As One Source  has over 6000+ local experts, technology installers to deploy technology 
     nationally and globally.

    Strength in numbers gets the work done!    On-Demand, scalable resource allocation!

3.  Power Wisdom of the Expert Crowd: Collective knowledge, wisdom and experience from over 6000 local expert, 
     technology installers, solution providers and PM Skilled and Certified leaders.

4.  Power of Cloud Computing technology: More computing and web 2.0 power that Fortune 500 companies can afford. Full disaster recovery and
     Integrated deployment technology that insures efficiency and cost effectiveness.

5.  Power of being local and  maintaining a geographic presence: 24X7X365 availability, with more reliability, accountability  & knowledge 
     of the terrain and without cost. Be there when you need it

6.  Local Support: 6000+ Qualified, Local expert, IT installers and solution providers are in your area to work for your 
     organization directly. Virtually no up-front investments are required.

7.  Go Green and win : With over 6000 local installers ready to work. You can become more “green”, less trip charges , less
     expense , less time spent on the road  translates to less energy consumption.

8.  Leveraging power of Unified communications phones: Our network of over 2000 local expert installer wireless numbers allows companies to
     receive rapid support when any questions or emergencies arise.

9.  Project bulletin broad : Post your RFP and receive quotes from  As One Source  quickly. The bulletin board allows for 
      rapid deployment of services and cost efficiency.

10. Power of Expert sourcing: Bypass outsourcing, sub-contracting and service resellers to save time, money and increase 
      project speed.

11. Single point of contact : Centralized single-tier Process structure.  As One Source serving as the coordinator and local 
      point of information regarding all project activities.

12. Access to fixed cost pricing, project unit pricing or Structured Pricing Menu. Reducing project management and 
      accounting work load.  Highest Quality with the Lowest Cost, delivers the Highest Value.

13. Project quality assurance: Web 2.0 Reputation and quality assurance Engine plus access to live and real-time project 
      collaboration, management and execution systems.