How It Works


What is As-One-Force 

As-One-Source : An expert sourcing portal  focusing  on collective power of reliable local IT deployment Experts ,  power  of knowledge sharing and wisdom of the crowd  at your service!.  IT deployment  and Installation Done Right ! 

As-One-Force: Screened, Licensed , trained & Approved IT Deployment Resources at your service

  • Office building, Commercial facility IT infrastructure Installation, Maintenance & Repair
  • IT system deployment, Project Installation Program & Roll-Out Project

How it works

We're here to assist you .

Whether you’re just starting a new project or need us to takeover  an on going  project locally , nationally or worldwide  ( i.e  Roll-out project ) , we’re here for server you . Just let us know what you need or want to know , and we’ll get to work for you  immediately. As-One-Source is always Free !

Our Google powered, web 2.0 portal allows you  to get quotes from As One Source local expert IT system deployment or instillation experts . You can choose and  source the experts themselves according to the skills you need for any specific job. This service is free to you  can  use it  when you need it. You  pay for the service after delivery to local expert . The IT experts pays us a small commission and / or members fee  for getting them the job, which pays for our development and operations and empowering you and them through knowledge sharing and our expert sourcing portal. 

These are the steps : 

Step 1- Send us your question or  request

  • Send us your request  or  question (it takes just less than 60 second)
  • Simply let us know : What service, installation or deployment  your needs – like a Cable , Router or switch  installer , CKT  extension or even a  local or national Roll-out 
  • Give us  few  details about the project  (including a photo helps), The more we know, the better we can serve you. 
  • When and where you need the project down - Like immediately, within a week or more 
  • The best way to contact you with quotes (email, phone or text )
  • Click the Request a service and you’re Done !. It’s easy and fast .

Step 2 - Match making

  • Our technology  and experienced  staff  matches your project with the right local expert.

  • 24X7X365 , immediately after  we receive your request (  Request a service ) , we use the power of our  web 2.0 , Google cloud based  expert sourcing engine to get you the best local experts for your projects.

  • As-One-Source :
    • Contact  qualified,approved, Local experts  from our AsOneForce  Expert network 
    • Check their availability for your project
    • Match  their experience  with customer ranking  and related work  experience and history
    • Monitor  their response to you and your projects need

Step 3 - Send you quotes

  • We send you up to three  competitive estimates
  • We Receive , process, audit  and send you competitive prices from each matched experts immediately as  we get them. 
  • All you need to do is to select  the IT deployment expert and the price you like. That simple
Book your pro through the As-One- Source web site
  • Once you've reviewed rating or customer reviews and checked out the IT  expert profile  background and As-One- Source ranking , you'll be ready to make a decision and schedule for deployment or installation . By Scheduling your IT expert  through the As-One- Source web site, you'll receive :

Step 4 - Select and schedule

  • The As-One-Source  Service  and Deployment Guarantee.
  • Help scheduling the IT expert  for a time that fit your schedule the best .
  • Our end-to-end customer satisfaction program  that  covers every project .

Step 5 - Deploy sign off and pay 

  • You  pay the IT expert directly  – when the project’s is done right. For Project Roll-out you can pay us and we will send  your payment immediately to the  IT expert
  • Using As-One- Source is always FREE. Answering your question  and Matching your  project  with the best  IT expert  and assisting you  at every steps  are all part of our complementary service to you.

  • We get answers to your question from our IT  expert which have the highest rank . This provide you with the best result ( power of collective expert ). You know there are smarter experts outside your organization’s wall than inside . (power of the crowd) 

  • You pay the IT experts  directly – but only when the job is done to your satisfaction.

  • The IT experts pays us a small commission and / or members fee  for getting them the job, which pays for our development and operations 

Step 6- Support 

  • We support you from A to Z 

  • As-One-Force experienced staff carry 20 years of field installation and deployment background > they work with you  or your team from start to completion of your project . When you call , you speak to an experienced  staff and not an answering
    system. We keep As-One-Force IT expert  to highest  quality service  AOF standard . Plus, we back all our jobs with the As-One-Source  Service  and Deployment Guarantee. – to make sure your project  is done right. 

  • We have more than five different way  which you can reach us , Yes,  we are real people with the best cloud sourcing technology available. Our secret and power is simple.

How AOF in 10 easy steps 

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